Praia do Campeche


The Natur Campeche Inn’s staff supply all the gests needs, accessorizing them to prepare and execute their events in the best way possible, overcoming the organizers and participant’s expectations.


The Inn offers exclusive places for business events, such as: holyday parties, collaborator’s award, release of products, workshops, meetings and trainings. For the technical training the nature tourism and adventure can be associated, optimizing the results.

Dear clients, we have several possibilities of events. They can be executed inside the Inn or outside the Inn. So, in the Inn we have SOCIAL AND BUSINESS EVENTS. The events outside the Inn are presented by month and the main events, parties, and concerts that happen on the Island during the year.


The Inn’s coziness attached to beauty of the gardens around becomes the ideal place for celebrations with friends and family. Weddings, graduations and birthdays can find here locations and service qualified for the delight of the gests and the honorees.

Price for Events


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