Praia do Campeche


  1. Swimming Pool

    Swimming PoolIt is located close to the garden, in a peaceful place surrounded by plants. The operation time is from 10am to 8pm, just like the Jacuzzi

  2. Jacuzzi

    JacuzziIt is located close to the garden and the swimming pool. It has capacity to seven people and the plants around complete the relaxing environment.

  3. Holistic Room

    Holistic RoomFor those who search for life quality and care for the body and mind, can find a relaxing environment with a jacuzzi, sauna and a place for massages.

  4. Wet Sauna

    Wet Sauna
    The elimination of toxins through perspiration, complemented by a cold water shower, provides health and welfare. It works from 5pm to 8pm.

  5. Garden

    Ornamental native plants compose a harmonic environment where nature is felt close by, in different tons of green and colorful flowers.

  6. Living Room

    Living Room
    It is a cozy place decorated with handmade objects and furniture. The view to the garden completes the pleasant environment where the guests can have their social moments.

  7. Games

    The people who appreciate board games will find chez, domino, checkers, cards and much more, for the relaxing moments on the living room and other rooms.

  8. Hammack

    Close to the winter garden, on the first block, six Hammack are available for moments of relaxing in a very comfortable place, covered and close to the nature.

  9. Reading Room

    Reading Room
    Moments of tranquility are ashore at the pleasant room on the second block, a comfortable place destined to the guest’s reading.


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