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Brasil Pousadas

One of the events parallel of CONOTEL was the Brasil Pousadas (Brazil’s Inns) – 1º National Seminary of Inns and small lodges, com Sebrae’s support, gathering a great number of business men with new ideas interested in improve their business (more…)

Florianopólis, capricho insular

O importante jornal espanhol, EL PAIS, recomenda a POUSADA NATUR CAMPECHE em artigo do jornalista Ronaldo Menéndez, relatando os encantos de FLORIANOPOLIS. (more…)

Floripa is in evidence in International Magazine

Florianópolis was one of the points in evidence at Newsweek Magazine, published last week, as one of the ten most dynamic cities of the world, next to Las Vegas, London and Moscow. (more…)

Participation in Fairs

International Fairs

Invited by PCTS Program (Program of Tenable Tourism) which has as objective transmit “nature tourism destinies and quality enterprises, with commitment and tenable development”. (more…)

Divulgation in web sites

Natur Campeche in several national and international web sites (more…)

International press

Natur Campeche in International media. (more…)

Sun, Sea and Supermodels

Florianópolis is the hottest beach resort in South America right now – a playground for Gisele and the gang. So why haven’t we heard of it? Dominic Sutcliffe finds out. (more…)

Florianópolis at the anniversary edition of National geographic

Florianópolis in a beautiful article published in National Geographic’s anniversary edition. (more…)

International SKAL Informative of Santa Catarina

Rota through south of the Island of Santa Catarina

Parade of Incomparable beauties and delicious dishes

Julho gave an opportunity to his business associates of getting to know the most intimate side of the Portuguese-Azorean culture steel preserved in the Island. The rota started with a lunch on the Restaurant Museum’s Inn, where they tasted a delicious azorean stewed. They also had a history class from the teacher Nereu do Vale Pereira, author of 18 books about the azorian epic on these lands. The tour also included visit to restaurants, visit to oyster farming and tasting of the crustacean in natura.

After that the group went to Ribeirão da Ilha, where they had a quick stop at Ostradamus Restaurant and the neighborhood church, where they were able to watch the work of the local artisans. At Porto do Contrato Restaurant the Portuguese couple Maria and José Cardoso had the opportunity to delight with a sequel of oysters prepared of the most diverse ways.

Beauties of the Island charm the Portuguese

The couple Maria and José Cardoso, residents of Alantejo, Portugal, definitely switched the north east beaches for the beaches of Santa Catarina. During the time they spend in Florianópolis, they had de opportunity of knowing the gastronomic-cultural rota through Ribeirão da Ilha accomplished by Skal Club SC. They had a great time getting in touch with the strong bonds of the Portuguese-azorean culture in Santa Catarina’s island, especially when they visit the Museum’s Inn, where they heard a lot of stories from the historian Nereu do Vale Pereira, visit the museum, went to the residents’ houses, visit the little church of the neighborhood, tasted cachaça and oysters at Alvim Antônio Cunha’s house, a traditional fisherman. At the end of the visit, the couple gave a tip to attract European tourists: “Among the European tourists grows the demand for authentic cultural places that can offer different products, whether is in gastronomy, lodging and services in general. They promised to come back to get to know another places around the state.

The hosts of this tour were Talmir Duarte (Natur Campeche Inn’s owner), Zeni Rates and Mauricio Voss.

Certification Program in Sustainable Tourism

Natur Campeche Inn (Florianópolis, SC) was invited by the Certification Program in Sustainable Tourism, – PCTS – with the support of APEX Brazil – Promotion, Exportation and Investments Agency – and will be part of the Brazilian Sustainable Tourism Program at Internationale Tourismus Borse – ITB – in Berlin, which was accomplish from 8 to 12 of march, 2006. (more…)


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